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Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn performing and collaborating. I really like the editing and overall style of their videos.

Michael Jackson – Beat It

PomplamooseMusic YouTube Channel


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Some early concept art from around 2006.

I’ll be posting more soon, including cycles, vehicles and other assets.



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Dear PGA East,

A message on how producers can actively assist with Haiti relief – REACH OUT TO YOUR VENDORS:

A group of us are working with filmmaker Jonathan Demme in an effort to organize a shipment of donated generators, lighting equipment, and other supplies to aid in the recovery in Haiti.

We have been in touch with contacts at the Cine Institute in Jacmel. The city of Jacmel on the Southern coast of Haiti is in dire need of relief. Almost all medical supplies and attention have been directed to Port Au Prince. The road between Port Au Prince and Jacmel is closed. The toll of Jacmel homeless and refugees has risen to 80,000 according to the latest local government evaluation.

THE PORT IN JACMEL IS OPEN. We are coordinating with the Afya Foundation, who has arranged shipping for us and is filling half of a 40′ container with prioritized humanitarian relief items. Partners in Health is funding shipment to the Jacmel port.

Our goal is to fill the other 20′ of the container (or would be great to fill it with more) with equipment, donated by NY film production crew members and rental houses. We are seeking portable 3,000 to 6,500 watt generators (putt-putts). Additionally – parcans, tungsten balloons, open face fixtures, stands, work lights, spare bulbs, power tools, cable distribution, tents, shovels, and wheelbarrows. And if possible – cameras, tape stock, and editing equipment. Anything we can donate would be helpful.

Luna Lighting/Broadway Stages here in Brooklyn has generously offered to be a drop point for all donated gear – to be received no later that this Friday AM. The drop off address is 282 Calyer Street, Brooklyn NY 11222.

Please call if you have any questions.

Thank you.
Dawn Dianda
Broadway Stages/Luna Lighting
203 Meserole Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222

For more information on how to contribute to Haiti disaster relief, you can refer to suggestions made by The New York Times:


A Queens Supermarket Musical

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I’ve written about Improv Everywhere before. They are a collective that organizes “missions” with “agents”, such as one of my favorites, the Frozen Grand Central,  the Best Buy Mission and the Home Depot Slow Motion mission.

Their latest mission, Grocery Store Musical, takes 6 actors who burst into song and dance in a Queens, New York, supermarket and when done resume their shopping duties. The music was played over the store’s PA system.

Ray scores a victory

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My friend Ray Beckerman has been fighting the RIAA for some time now. He maintains a blog about the lawsuits and the despicable practices the RIAA has foisted upon the people.

The RIAA attempted to gain sanctions against him for blogging, which is not only ridiculous but just shows how ignorant they are. Fortunately, Federal Magistrate judge, Robert Levy, denied the RIAA motion.

First off, this is dumb on the surface because court records are, for the most part, public documents.

The RIAA accused Ray of publishing motions (and some of his personal opinions).

Of course, its part of the normal course of litigation for attorneys is to engage in “Motion Practice” but the RIAA has been pushing the boundaries of ethical behavior for years.

I’m glad that Judge Levy saw right through the RIAA misguided attempts to sanction Ray.

Wired has a good writeup on this here.

And Ray has also commented on his blog.

Entertainment Engineering: Structural and Financial Strategies For Production Companies

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The New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) with HSBC and the Mayor’s Office for Film, is hosting an interesting panel designed for small businesses in the entertainment industry, with a focus on legal and financial issues. The panelists include Evan Bell, a CPA, Dan Carey of Toucy Feely Films, Alex Levi, from NYWIFT, Marc Simon, an attorney, and Benji Whitehouse of Cast & Crew.

Registration for this even is free and can be done using this link: www.nywift.org/article.aspx?id=1922

Personal Branding

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Last night I attended a class my agent, Allison Hemming, gave entitled “Personal Brand Management: Become The Best in The World at That Thing That You Do”

She began the session by having us write in 100 words or less a statement on how we would describe what we do to someone at a networking event. Then we had to tell the person next to us what we did, while not reading what we just wrote. This was followed by having to tell the class what the person next to us did.

Despite having just been told what the other person did, everyone would end up presenting their interpretation of what we had just heard from them. Often it was close, but sometimes it was changed in subtle ways. As Allison pointed out, the message would be further diluted and changed as that person would tell others.

The class continued as a series of writing exercises designed to narrow down our definition of ourselves to create a concise picture of who we are, what we do and were we are going.

An interesting element she presented was the chart of your future goals and what we are doing today. The “today” part of the chart often was an almost horizontal zigzag that created a “distraction” from our vision of where we wanted to be. Obviously, as we get older, the gap between where we are today and our expectation for the future grew wider and wider.


I’m pretty sure that everyone who attended learned some valuable new techniques on improving their personal brand and about how they present themselves in business and to their colleagues.

The class was almost like being at a dinner party and we sipped wine as we learned and got to know the other students.

Some of the suggested reading prior to the class included:

Personal Branding Becomes a Necessity in Digital Age by Mark Glaser for PBS.org

The Brand Called You by Tom Peters for Fast Company

He Works for The Times, Too by David Pogue

If you ever get the chance, check out Hired Guns Academy website. They are offering classes on a variety of topics.

Defying Gravity

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Defying Gravity is one of the better TV shows ABC has shown in a while.

There are a lot of misconceptions that we killed it, but the programming folks are (unfortunately) playing around with the time slot for the show.

ABC does intend to air the remaining episodes of season 1.

The show is a multinational collaboration between ABC, CTV, BBC and ProSieben (Germany) rather then an exclusive episodic TV show produced by ABC. The benefit of this model is the reduction in overall cost to the network since each episode is somewhat expensive to produce.

Currently there are 5 episodes that have not aired in the US. The next episode is the ninth in the series, “Eve Ate The Apple”, which has already aired in Canada.

The bigger question is will ABC renew the series for next season.

The storyline is designed to span a total of 6 seasons, or one for each of the planets on the Antares “Tour” to collect the other entities.

“Beta” is the first entity, which was found on Earth and is currently on Antares in Storage Pod 4. Venus is where the second is will be recovered in “Kiss”, the final episode of the first season.

The episodes that have aired are available online at abc.go.com/shows/defying-gravity. Go watch so that we can have more seasons!