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Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn performing and collaborating. I really like the editing and overall style of their videos.

Michael Jackson – Beat It

PomplamooseMusic YouTube Channel

Ray scores a victory

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My friend Ray Beckerman has been fighting the RIAA for some time now. He maintains a blog about the lawsuits and the despicable practices the RIAA has foisted upon the people.

The RIAA attempted to gain sanctions against him for blogging, which is not only ridiculous but just shows how ignorant they are. Fortunately, Federal Magistrate judge, Robert Levy, denied the RIAA motion.

First off, this is dumb on the surface because court records are, for the most part, public documents.

The RIAA accused Ray of publishing motions (and some of his personal opinions).

Of course, its part of the normal course of litigation for attorneys is to engage in “Motion Practice” but the RIAA has been pushing the boundaries of ethical behavior for years.

I’m glad that Judge Levy saw right through the RIAA misguided attempts to sanction Ray.

Wired has a good writeup on this here.

And Ray has also commented on his blog.

I Fell In Love At The Apple Store

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Fatty Spins – Ray sings “Apple Store Love Song”.
Filmed “on location” at the Apple 5th Ave Store using a store MacBook. The audio was dubbed in the “studio” since the live audio was pretty bad.
The original version is here.

Miley Cyrus

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This Friday (July 18) ABC GMA hosted Miley Cyrus at Bryant Park. Nadia and I went to see her perform songs from her new album and we hung out with Miley’s mom. We were on air several times as well.

DSC02148 DSC02160 DSC02169 DSC02225 DSC02230

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, RIP

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The first film I remember seeing was 2001 РA Space Odyssey based on the story by Arthur C. Clarke and directed by Stanley Kubrick. My dad took me to see it in CinemaScope (sort of like IMAX today) and it had a profound effect on my young mind. To this day, my favorite film sequence is the Space Waltz docking of the Pan Am Clipper and the Torus Space Station beautifully set to Johann Strauss II, An der sch̦nen blauen Donau.

Over the years I have read many of Sir Clarke’s books, stories and articles. It always impressed me how much of a visionary he was, and often how correct his stories and predictions were when that future he wrote about became part of our reality.


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It’s a new way to sing in “Inglish”, or perhaps just artistic representation of the way that Mariah sings?

Kina Wins the Doritos Crash The Superbowl Contest

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Kina Grannis is the winner of the Doritos CrashTheSuperbowl contest. Congratulations Kina – your efforts are well deserved for two reasons:


  1. You have talent, lots of it and your songs are well written
  2. You showed an incredible marketing knack and your Gotta Digg song was a brilliant move.

Here is Kina’s winning entry, Message From Your Heart

Kina Grannis on CrashTheSuperBowl

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Kina Grannis is now one of the 3 finalists for the Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest. There have been many great entries by some very talented people to this contest but there is something about her songs that I find compelling.

Her song is called “Message From Your Heart” and you can hear it here.