Writers Strike Effect on TV Network Revenue

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Over on Silicon Alley Insider, they have broken down the numbers and the effect of the WGA strike on the networks. This is based on data from TargetCast. Overall, the cost of a primetime spot was 12% less then a year ago. We already know that the broadcast business had a severe drop in viewership and ratings just sucked, with some fairly large drops, especially over at NBC.

Here is the breakdown of the first quarter of 2008 and the average cost of a 30 second primetime ad.

  • NBC (GE): $77,893, down 24.7%
  • CBS (CBS): $112,641, down 11.9%
  • ABC (DIS): $122,509, down 9.5%
  • Fox (NWS): $237,237, down 9.2%


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My friend, Eric Gunnar Rochow, has been making GardenFork a web based television show for some time now. The show has a regular viewership which includes some pretty big people in the “home improvement” space who now consider Eric’s show to be “must watch TV”.

He recently hit 50 episodes. Congrats to Eric!

Check out his show at gardenfork.tv

Ready for LOST?

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300X180 Lostreturns02

Our show LOST is one of the only television shows that has new episodes. We have 9 episodes that are ready to air. While it’s short of what we should have, Disney did get these finished before the WGA strike.

LOST is coming to your TV (and online on abc.com where they can be viewed in HD) on Thursday, Jan 31.

If you need a recap of everything that has happened in the past three seasons, what this summary: