Writers Strike Effect on TV Network Revenue

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Over on Silicon Alley Insider, they have broken down the numbers and the effect of the WGA strike on the networks. This is based on data from TargetCast. Overall, the cost of a primetime spot was 12% less then a year ago. We already know that the broadcast business had a severe drop in viewership and ratings just sucked, with some fairly large drops, especially over at NBC.

Here is the breakdown of the first quarter of 2008 and the average cost of a 30 second primetime ad.

  • NBC (GE): $77,893, down 24.7%
  • CBS (CBS): $112,641, down 11.9%
  • ABC (DIS): $122,509, down 9.5%
  • Fox (NWS): $237,237, down 9.2%

The WGA Strike is almost OVER…

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Reports are coming in that the WGA Strike is almost over. The terms have been reached and it goes out to vote by the WGA this Saturday, Feb 9. A nice new year’s present (Chinese New Year’s that is).

However, some writers may not get the same financial deals they had prior to the strike as the studios have had to cut back on projects and the terms for writers may have changed when they come back to work.

But at least it’s close to being a done deal, the Oscars will continue. But there won’t be Upfronts, a lot of shows that had gone beyond the “Treatment” stage will be in the trash can and the season is pretty much shot. Well, at least we can look forward to September.

WGA Writers Strike Almost Over!

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It would appear that the Writers Guild of America strike against the AMPTP is almost over. This weekend 4 local NYC Film companies have settled with the WGA. The terms are similar to those reached with 13 other film and TV productions companies.

While the local film companies are “indie” producers GreenStreet Films, Killer Films, Open City Films and This will allow them to resume normal production operations immediately.

WGA East president Micheal Winship was heavily involved in getting this resolution done.

This weekend also has LA based companies including Disney, Universal, Fox and Paramount among others inching ever so much closer to completing a agreement with the WGA. The talks have covered some of the most problematic issues including internet based delivery / distribution and some of the issues regarding residual payments as the industry moves to a fully digital future.

I suspect that there will be a resolution to the strike this coming week. I also don’t think that the Oscar’s will suffer the fate of the Golden Globes.

Personally, I can’t wait for this strike to end. It’s almost 4 months now and it has affected every aspect of our business. Too many people have been either out of work or on drastically reduced hours for too long.