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This coming year – 2009-2010 – marks our 5th season of NMC East programming, and we are very pleased to bring our membership and guests some of the leading digital media producers, executives, and industry gurus through our event series which, as always, is recorded and webcast for posterity by Scribe Media (

Once again, we are very pleased to have the Core Club welcome us back for another season, and our first salon event is next Wednesday, September 30th, from 7:00-9:00 pm, at the Core Club.

Chris Pfaff will be interviewing filmmaker and founder and CEO Steve Rosenbaum (a PGA East member), who will discuss the latest trends regarding digital video aggregation, including his new iPhone app, Magnify Mobile.

The explosion of user-generated video content both professional and amateur has spawned a new generation of video archive and curation tools that offer a wide range of filters for producers and viewers alike.

The melding of editorial and filtering has created a new metric for how the public views news and actualities today, the most discussed piece of video may not be shot by a professional news crew, but produced and or captured by an amateur.

As the mainstream media races to catch up to the shifting video viewing habits of a voracious public appetite for video, companies ranging from Mediaite to offer new ways to syndicate and cull video for a wide range of tastes and applications.

Steve Rosenbaum, a noted documentary filmmaker and CEO of New York based, will discuss the landscape for video curation, and talk about his company’s video publishing platform, which enables the integration of user generated video into company websites and provides tools for building video communities.

We hope to see you next week. Please bring a qualified PGA member as guest, if you an.


The first PGA New School panel event will be on Tuesday, November 10th (‘Open Source for Producers’).

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