Ray scores a victory

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My friend Ray Beckerman has been fighting the RIAA for some time now. He maintains a blog about the lawsuits and the despicable practices the RIAA has foisted upon the people.

The RIAA attempted to gain sanctions against him for blogging, which is not only ridiculous but just shows how ignorant they are. Fortunately, Federal Magistrate judge, Robert Levy, denied the RIAA motion.

First off, this is dumb on the surface because court records are, for the most part, public documents.

The RIAA accused Ray of publishing motions (and some of his personal opinions).

Of course, its part of the normal course of litigation for attorneys is to engage in “Motion Practice” but the RIAA has been pushing the boundaries of ethical behavior for years.

I’m glad that Judge Levy saw right through the RIAA misguided attempts to sanction Ray.

Wired has a good writeup on this here.

And Ray has also commented on his blog.

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