Reading of the Names

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This year, during the annual reading of the victim names, I watched kids reading the names of parents lost that day. It struck me how close my kids came to being up on that podium reading my name. Had I been just a couple hundred yards closer, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

Today we watch the Freedom Tower slowly rise from the ground, at first referred to as “The Pile” and then “The Pit”. On the western side (which is where WTC 1 & 2 stood, The Pit finally reached street level in the past 2 months. Despite being a huge construction site, It is now called “Memorial Plaza”.

The Eastern side remains a 10 acre pit, still being cleared of 9/11 debris and years behind schedule.

Someday, all this construction will be complete…

One World Trade Center

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Well, Well. The Freedom Tower is no longer. The name has changed to “One World Trade Center”.

The post 9/11 view from one of our windows.


9/11 Diary and Photos

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My World Trade Center (WTC) 9/11 Diary and Photos has proven to be very popular over the years. The original version is here