Things the iPhone needs fixed

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Without question the iPhone is the best mobile device I’ve ever owned or used. I’ve had Treo’s and Blackberry’s in the past, but nothing comes close.

I receive an awful lot of email on a daily basis and for the past 2 or so years, I’ve never had an inbox that had no unread messages. Since I’ve been on the iPhone (since they come out), my email situation has changed and I’m now almost always caught up with my email. That alone makes it very valuable to me.

However, it’s also clear that the engineers at Apple don’t live in cities and drive around in cars all day long.

The most annoying thing about the iPhone for me is that it has all kinds of problems when you ride the subway. In New York City, the subways do not have cell coverage, but do from time to time have spots in the system where a single can be received and transmitted. However, the iPhone becomes “stupid” in the situation.

When one is sending an SMS message from someplace with a very weak or no signal, the SMS message will sit in the window. You will get an error message that it could not be sent. Every other phone I’ve ever had always queued outgoing messages and that’s what the iPhone should be doing, sending it when a signal does become available.

The same thing more or less happens with the iPhone Mail client. While it does allow you to “send” the message, it’s usually followed up by multiple alerts on the phone about how it can’t send the message. This becomes rather irritating, as it interrupts whatever you are doing with a dumb notification that shouldn’t even appear (unless maybe when the message can’t be sent after a couple of hours.

It really dumb when you get these alerts when you are on an airplane, with the Airplane mode turned on (meaning that the radio(s) are turned off. Of course it can’t send the message! Why bother me with such redundant dribble continuously until I land and it sends the message?

Another, very annoying behavior is when you type a message, hit send and press the button on the top to turn the screen off. Guess what happens – the email message will not be sent until you tap the home button and wake the phone! Even when it was in the middle of sending it – the connection to our SMTP server will be dropped. To add insult to the injury, it often doesn’t even send it when it checks the email (every 15 minutes in my case).

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