WGAE – Great Victory at Atlas

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Great Victory at Atlas

The campaign to raise standards in non-fiction TV won its first major victory this month.   
As you’ve probably heard, the writer/producers at Atlas voted by an overwhelming majority to join the Writers Guild! The Atlas election was the first time ever that the WGAE has participated in a National Labor Relations Board election to represent writers in non-fiction. Atlas producers did an amazing job of staying united and voting yes. This victory sets the pace for the movement to win improvements for all writers and producers working in non-fiction across the East coast.  

Our Campaign’s Anniversary

One year ago, writers and producers of non-fiction TV from across NYC met and set a plan to raise standards in their industry. After many years of working long hours with little or no benefits, writers and producers decided it was time to come together and organize. After dozens of meetings and conversations, we are now well on our way to winning the right to collective bargaining at several companies. In just one year, you have built a citywide network across dozens of companies.  

More Upcoming Elections

In the next few weeks, writer/producers at ITV, Optomen and Sharp will all have the opportunity to vote to begin collective bargaining. If you are eligible to vote in one of those elections you have probably heard from us already. We are still in negotiations with Lion TV and we hope to have an update on voting dates soon.   If you are not voting in one of these elections, you can help by passing on words of support and encouragement to any friends or colleagues you know who may be working there. They are likely to be under significant pressure from their bosses to vote against unionizing.   

Campaign to get Employers to Obey the Law

We are also launching a campaign that will initially be focused on True Entertainment and Original Media (both subsidiaries of media giant Endemol). In this campaign, we will alert the government’s appropriate enforcement agencies of the many violations of labor law that have been reported to us by employees of both companies. From blatant violations of overtime rules to interfering with fair election proceedings, we will be aggressively pursuing a strategy to get these companies to obey the law.

Next Steps

Having union elections at these locations and creating a network of several hundred supporters in just one year is truly remarkable progress. But we can’t stop here. Writers and producers across the entire industry are determined to win the basic benefits that they deserve. We have heard from people in many more companies and we expect to be engaged in campaigns in many more locations next year.  

Our website has lots of new information about the movement to raise standards. Check it out for updates.

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